Jack Henry

Guys who care about how we look and how we feel. We’ve always found we feel best when we’re living clean and simple which keeps us on a constant lookout for products that fit our conscious, active lifestyle.

But when it came to the stuff we were putting on our hair, faces, and bodies, we realized we didn’t have much choice beyond complex, potentially harmful products. Worse yet, we felt like we had to compromise clean ingredients to get the look we wanted.

So we decided it was time to craft our own products using thoughtful, clean and natural ingredients.

No outside influences. No scientists involved.

What started as a crazy idea has become a full line of thoughtfully hand-crafted hair, skin, and body products. No artificial ingredients, no nasty chemicals. Simply stuff that benefits the body.

Jack Henry

Jack Henry – Sourcing ingredients from across the globe. From the organic lavender oil from France to the Tea Tree oil from Australia to Coconuts from the Philippines, Jack Henry insist on using the finest clean ingredients the world has to offer. 


Brand feature by Mens Folio – The Best May 2021 Grooming Launches

Jack Henry Paste

Clean. Non Toxic. Plant Based. Zero Synthetic