Established in 2014, Hall of Goods have strived to source for personal care & grooming brands that go against mediocrity. Bringing these brands to consumers and growing their presence in South East Asia.

The brands we seek for, cultivate & grow have strong brand stories, focus on quality ingredients & are strongly commited to sustainability.

At Hall of Goods, we strive to bring high-quality grooming products without the hefty price tag.


The Creative Renegade Hanz de Fuko believe there's an artist in all of us. That undeniable hunger to create or re-invent whatever it is and to push the envelope in the most rebellious way. It's this mentality that drives us to want to be unique and to represent ourselves the way we feel inside.

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Born from the Pursuit of Excellence Patricks is more than a brand; it's a dedication to excellence. Their premium line of grooming essentials is designed for those who demand exceptional quality in every aspect of their lives. Because for those who lead, every detail matters.

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Clean and Green CORPUS is committed to providing natural and sustainable products, prioritizing both effectiveness and environmental consciousness. Their formulations are free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, offering a clean and gentle approach to personal care.

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Company Vision

To be the most sought after distributor in the men’s and unisex category.

Uncompromising in the brands that we partner.

Exciting for the people we hire and develop.

Leading edge in how we go to market with our retailer partners.


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