Tasteful handling for a fair price – the nom shaving brushes do no doubt fill a gap on your bathroom shelf. These eye catchers come in handy, don’t cost a fortune and last for ages.

High-quality plastics and Europe’s finest wood combined with all your favourite colours: the nine nom-handles come in three different modern olours. The brush head: pure badger, bristle or the vegan, dark dyed version: Black Fibre.

These cool guys going by the names of MAX, LASSE, CARL, ERIK, MARTEN, GUSTAV, OLE, THEO and ALFRED are all made in Germany – using only the most efficient technology. They are produced for the most elegant gentlemen from Stockholm to St. Louis. Not only does the most recent line of products of the Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG profit from the expertise they have developed over the last 70 years, but also does this new brand go even one step further: it guarantees environmentally friendly high-tech producing. Nom, always thinking one step ahead, has their very own photovoltaic system and uses products from local suppliers.