Hall of Goods was set up as a wholesale distribution company in 2014 with the sole mission of finding brands with products that go against mediocrity and bringing them into Asia.

We got tired of accepting the rules that are laid upon us and using mediocre, mass products just because they are easily accessible to us.

After all, we want the best for ourselves, so why should our retail partners and their consumers settle for anything less?

Our mission is simple. We bring in the best so you can have the best


➼ 2014: Established Hall of Goods
➼ Exclusive Distribution of Hanz de Fuko with Sephora Online in SG/MY/PH
➼ Exclusive Distribution of Hanz de Fuko with Sephora Stores in SG/MY/PH
➼ Exclusive Distribution of Doers of London with Sephora Online in SG/MY/PH
➼ Distribution Rights for Salt & Stone in Asia Pacific
➼ Exclusive Distribution of Doers of London with Sephora Online in South Korea
➼ Retail Partnership with Tangs & Takashimaya


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For brand owners: We drive brand growth in the region. We collaborate with media outlets & content creators to increase overall brand presence. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the challenges of supply chain & product registration in the Asia Pacific Region ensuring your products reach the right retail space & consumers.

For wholesale/retail partners: We collaborate with major retailers in Asia Pacific to increase overall brand presence & appreciation through diverse marketing mediums.


With knowledge & expertise in the local market, we've forged relationships with the largest retailers both online & offline in Singapore.

With an in-depth understanding of the brands we carry, we ensure that we align each and every brand with retailers that bear the same values & provide curated high-quality shopping experience.

Tangs Vivocity

Raffles Boutique at Raffles Hotel



We’ve established strong partnerships with distributors in Hong Kong and Thailand ensuring the brands we distribute have a strong brand presence in these markets. Hall of Goods have grown our company across the region establishing an incorporated company based in Vietnam.


Managing brand stores from mon-brand to well-established multi-brand stories, Hall of Goods operates e-commerce enablement services end-to-end. From user interface across online platforms, to customer service post-purchase.

We ensure high-qualty and curated customer service regardless round the clock.